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Advance Design Restoration How-Tos

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Truck Drawing

Note: In order to provide you a library of paper documentation that is of really good quality, I am putting many of these documents in Adobe PDF format. This format will allow you to simply print what you see here to your printer with unparalleled quality. To do this, you MUST download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. It's 100% FREE and you will be very glad you did. This file is directly from, so there is no need to worry about viruses; simply click on the link below!

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Tom Brownell's How To Restore Your Chevrolet Pickup is pretty good reading, and I highly recommend it if you are really into stock restorations!

How To Restore Your Chevrolet Pickup
Engine Rebuilding Checklist
GM Engine Casting Numbers
Installing a PCV System on a 216/235/261 Engine
Installing a Full Flow Oil Filter System on a 235/261 Engine
216/235/261 Head Torque Specifications
216/235/261 Engine Timing Procedure by Jeff Pohlar
216/235/261 Valve Adjustment Procedure by Nathan Hall
Valve Oiler Pipe Instruction for 216 Engine
Advance Design Fuel Filter Placement
V8 Juice For Your Stovebolt (1950-3100)
Advance Design Air Filter Options
Waking Up The Old Stovebolt
Making an Engine Cart for GM 6's
Drive Train-Related:
Axle Ratio/Tire Size Calculators
Borg Warner 3-Speed Overdrive Documentation
Flywheel Voltages Explained
Smokey's Hubcap Clip Installation Primer
Chassis Sheet Metal-Related:
Truck Serial Number Decipher
Advance Design Stake and Rail Sideboards
Advance Design Hood Side Emblems
Advance Design Pickup Bedwood Specifications
Deve's Sandblasting Tips, Tricks and Links
Bolt and Hardware Specifications and Info
Advance Design Paint Color Information
Re-Riveting a 1950 Chevy Pickup Frame
Miscellaneous Systems-Related:
Advance Design Deluxe Heater Restoration
Advance Design Steering Gearbox Repair
Advance Design Steering Wheel Repair
Advance Design Bendix Brake Drum Removal
Advance Design Seat Belt Assembly Installation
Advance Design Changes By Year

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