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1948 1-1/2 Ton Truck Restoration

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17th Summer Picture

This is a 1948 1-1/2 Ton Truck that I acquired at John Erb's sale for $50. The engine was frozen, all the glass broken out, transmission frozen, bed missing to highlight a few minor problems. I won't go into too much pictorial detail on this one since the same issues apply to the 50 frame-up project that I am heavily documenting.

'48 Project 02'48 Project 01

These are a few shots of my friends Bud Bachman and John Erb helping me get the old girl running again (with my friend Jerry Mast supervising.) We took the transmission top off, found it full of water, drained the water, added oil and then proceeded to work the gears until they were smooth again. Lots of WD-40, gear oil and elbow grease. After removing the spark plugs and squirting WD-40 (liberally) in the cylinders, we put it in 4th gear and pulled the truck a few feet to unstick the motor. A spark plug and points cleaning, a few plug wires and a carb kit later, she runs very smoothly! Unbelievable since the truck has sat in the back of a farmer's field since 1970!

At this time, I have replaced all the windows including new rubber to keep more water out of the cab. My next thing is to replace the clutch since it slips so badly. It's on the list!

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